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 Create a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation (not counting the required title slide and reference slide) in which you analyze the major tenets of Freud’s, Jung’s, and Adler’s theories. Note the areas of similarity and the areas of distinct differences between the three psychological theorists. This presentation should include original discussion of the content as well as information from the textbook, and at least one source from the Waldorf Online Library. All sources must be cited and referenced in APA style. Feel free to include examples that exemplify particular theories. Course Textbook(s) Frager, R., & Fadiman, J. (2013). Personality and personal growth (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson. The following link and PDF are excellent sources for PowerPoint best practice and basic instructions for creating a presentation. http://columbiasouthern.adobeconnect.com/powerpointbestpracticeswaldorf/ To view the PDF please click on the link below. https://online.waldorf.edu/CSU_Content/Waldorf_Content/ZULU/ArtsSciences/PSY/PSY3350/W13Gc/PPTAPAandBasics.pdf For assistance with locating appropriate articles for this assignment, contact a Waldorf librarian. Visit the online library website at https://mywaldorf.waldorf.edu/student/resources/library/.


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