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 Employee performance, collaboration, and effective teamwork are vital to the success of not only the individual and team but to the organization as a whole. That said, there is a certain social phenomenon that may start to decay positive workplace culture and performance. With this in mind, address the following: 1. What are some ways to prevent social loafing? 2. How might one create more cohesive groups? 3. How might leadership encourage and reward diversity in the workplace? Please note: Your paper should be 4-6 pages in length, excluding the cover page and reference pages. In your paper, be sure to create an outline utilizing these three elements. Do not number your elements in your paper, instead, be sure to start with your introduction section, then use each element above as a level header (see APA guide for how to do this). For example, #1 could have the header title of: Preventing Social Loafing. #2 could be: Cohesive Groups; and #3 could be: Diversity in the Workplace, (these are just examples, you can rename if desired, but make sure they are close enough to be recognized). Then, be sure to add in a conclusion header and text as well. A good conclusion includes a brief summary of what was discussed as well as why it’s important to consider these elements in the future. That said, remember to CITE YOUR WORK! It is very important to show backing for your thought, so if you are summarizing/paraphrasing another’s work, cite that work, or any work that shows backing for your thought after that thought is over. Each paragraph starts anew, so remember that citing in one paragraph does not cover you for your whole paper. Also, if you quote words, be sure to add in the page or para# with the rest of the quote at the end of the quote mark.


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