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 Then after reading one of the sample Malcolm Baldridge award winning applications provided, conduct a research study that provides the following information. 1. The company’s industry, its history, strategic opportunity, mission, and value proposition. Is it a service or manufacturing company? What give this company its competitive advantage? 2. Nature of customers (demographics, income, education), growth strategy, capacity planning and demand management/forecasting. 3. What is the company’s operations and supply strategy? Based on the company’s competitive dimensions, build a house of quality matrix for the company. What is the order winner? Order Qualifier? 4. How are the manufacturing processes or service processes designed? i.e. how do they make the product or provide the service? What are the sources of variability and how are they controlled? How does the company measure its service performance? Manufacturing performance? If possible, mention the metrics that are collected and the formulas used. How is the performance information used? Who does the company benchmark against? 5. How does the company ensure quality? 6. Use your understanding of behavioral science factors to evaluate how the company could employ the techniques to perform better. 7. What are the opportunities available for the company to go lean and become more agile? How does the company ensure continuous improvement? 8. Evaluate the company’s supply chain network and the supply chain performance. Draw a graphic of the supply chain network. How does the company manage work in progress and inventory? 9. Evaluate the information ethics and security issues facing the company and the industry. 10. Finally, what are the company’s prospects for long term survival and profitability in the future? Support your opinions with data e.g. market valuation, demand volatility, supply stability, etc.


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