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Description For your final writing assignment, you will submit a 1,000-word (double-spaced) paper exploring the future of transmedia. You will support your paper with at least three sources other than Wikipedia and the information and articles found in the modules. Consider everything you’ve learned about the various ways users receive messages, share stories, interact with each other, and play games across multiple digital platforms. In your writing, you will reflect on the examples of transmedia examined throughout this course as well as information you find in your other sources, to make an educated prediction of where you believe transmedia will be in 10 years. Note: Please do not simply write that you believe that the use of streaming services will increase. Tell us what that will look like specifically with prices, options, user experience etc. Use your imagination! Cite your work in MLA style and reveal your sources in a “works cited” page at the end of your paper. When referencing sources, make sure to cite them according to MLA style. You can see examples of MLA style here and here. In writing this assignment, you will have the opportunity to connect what you have learned through reading modules and other sources with your personal perspective. Make sure you clearly explain your perspective on how the future will look. This final paper should include analysis of the themes raised in each assignment, combined with your vision of the future.


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