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Description PERSONAL FITNESS AND WELLNESS Fitness/Wellness Project Written Assignment: Part One Set a personal fitness component goal OR a wellness dimension goal for this semester. • Personal fitness goals should include some sort of physical activity-oriented goal (ie. Being able to run 10km without stopping, doing 50 pushups, bench pressing 225 lbs). Wellness dimension goals may include non-fitness related objectives (i.e. Getting 8 hours sleep per night, quitting smoking, reducing sedentary time) but not a nutrition- related goal. Addressing the multidimensional components of fitness and wellness explain: • What stage are you on the Transtheoretical Model when you choose your goal? • Why did you choose your goal? • What are the personal benefits of your goal? • What are, at minimum, three (3) potential barriers in achieving your goal? • What is/are your proposed strategy(s) for successfully meeting each of the identified potential barriers? • How do you plan to reach your goal? What types of interventions will you use to help you achieve your goal? o The strategy should be a generalized outline of how you propose to meet your goal. o Do not include any workout plans (sets, reps, exercises, etc.) in your strategy. Keep it to a very general overview. • Any other information you feel is relevant to your goal. Part Two Implement the fitness or wellness plan for at least four weeks. Assess your progress and provide supporting data of any activities you completed in relation to your proposed goals. • The specifics of each component need to be clearly outlined in this section. Submit all supporting data (logs, journals, workout programs, contracts, etc.) in print/written form in an Appendix.  Assess your progress towards your goals at the end of the four weeks.  Identify any revisions of a plan element that might be in order following the four-week time frame.  Provide a detailed rationale/explanation for any change, or non-change, of each plan element. Written Assignment is due: August 7th, 2019 @ 11:55 P.M. Documentation: A 4 – 6 page double spaced written report of your personal fitness plan is to be completed. Information provided in the Appendix (logs, journals, workout programs, etc.) are extra and not to be considered as part of the required page limit. The written report must include the information listed above. All written information and any referenced material are expected to be presented in APA 6th edition format. Marks will be deducted for assignments not conforming to these expectations. Evaluation: The wellness project is worth 20% of your final grade. 15% of the grade is allotted to the written assignment and 5% is allotted to the presentation. Assignment grading will include but not limited to the following aspects: • Rationale for goal choices. • Development of SMART goals. • Ability to recognize the benefits and barriers to your goals. • Ability to outline a standard proposed strategy for overcoming any barriers. • Provision of acceptable supporting data • APA formatting. • Writing. • Use of at least 2-3 peer-reviewed journal articles. Ability to disseminate information to audience will be graded on the following aspects: • Introduction. • Content. • Clarity of presentation. • Body language. • Length of presentation. • Ability to answer questions from audience. • Grammar. • Conclusion.


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