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Organized crime


CRJ333- Organized Crime

Assignment #4

Write a paper that compares and contrasts the business of methamphetamine, analogs, and marijuana. Which business do you think is more effective and efficient? Support your decision.


The paper shall be in APA format, typed in 12 font Times New Roman, and shall not have been turned in previously to any other instructor for any other course or assignment.  Paper length is 2-3 pages not to include the cover page or bibliography.  It is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word Document. The research paper shall be an individual effort and not a group project.  Since criminal justice is a social science, the writing requirements of the American Psychological Association, otherwise known as the APA, will be in effect for the research paper assignment.


Evaluation Rubric for CRJ333 Assignment #4



(0 – 20 Points)

Development Needed to Proficient

(20-40 Points)


to Exemplary

(40 – 50 Points)

Points Earned

(50 Pts.)

APA Format, Font size, etc.

Does not follow formatting or required font size or in Times New Roman.

(Points 0-2)

Follows basic formatting. May not cite sources properly in text or Bibliography not correct.

(Points 2 – 4)

Follows the APA formatting including sources in text.


(Points 4 – 5)


Length of Paper

Does not meet the minimum requirements.

(Points 0 – 2)

Meets the minimum requirements.

(Points 2 – 4)

Exceeds the minimum requirements.

(Points 4 – 5)


Adjusted Safe Assign

Over 20 % of paper


(Points 0 – 2)

11 – 20 % of paper


(Points 2 – 4)

0 – 10 % of paper


(Points 4– 5)


Compare and contrast

Did not or barely covered required area.

(Points 0 – 4)

Partial covered required area

(Points 4 – 8)

Completely covered required area

(Points 8 – 10)


Pick business and support your decision

Does not or barely supports decision.

(Points 0 – 10)

Partially supports decision.

 (Points 10 – 20)

Completely supports decision.

(Points 20 – 25)



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