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Management Information Systems


Task 2 of 2 – Management Report

Post presentation you are tasked with writing a management report that demonstrate your deeper knowledge and understanding of MIS.



Your report will consist of the following:


a. Critically evaluate the role and purpose of IT systems for different organisational functions.


b. Analyse the different ways in which data is stored and processed for use in your chosen organisation. You must select an appropriate organisation.


c. Critically evaluate the management of information systems in in your chosen organisation. You must select an appropriate organisation.


d. Critically evaluate a specific information system that supports value-added change.


e. Evaluate how strategic information systems can contribute to the competitiveness of organisations.


f. Explain how your chosen organisation can obtain a competitive advantage within a global market by successful management of its information systems.


Delivery and Submission

Table of contents

1x Word file (circa 3200 words excluding TOC, diagrams, references and appendices)



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