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Using one of the four ‘zones’ of outdoor learning*, critically evaluate the role that nature can play in learning for sustainability. *School grounds; Local neighbourhood; Day excursion; Overnight stays/Residentials/Expeditions. LO1. Critically evaluate models of education in, about and for the natural environment in the context of learning for sustainability. LO2. Critically discuss a range of current practice in the use of nature as a focus for learning experiences. The ‘natural environment’ is a term which is understood and conceptualized in many ways. Philosophical perspectives of ‘nature’ have been shaped throughout history, socio-economic growth and cultural contexts and continue to be questioned in relation to current environmental crises. Whilst these philosophies have shaped the practice and delivery of outdoor learning, there is also reason to examine existing practice and consider the effectiveness of such approaches in relation to learning for sustainability. This assignment draws on the above and should include the following elements: 1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the learning environment (30%) (e.g. ‘zones’, history and origins, effect of urbanisation, outdoor learning delivered by non-specialised vs ‘instruction’ models of OE). 2. Discuss the socio-cultural context of the ‘zone’ (30%) (e.g. non-formal vs formal outdoor learning, expectations that teachers should be providing OL and LfS, curriculum, who/why we ‘value’ nature in this country/others – socio-cultural perspectives) 3. Critically analyse the outcomes of learning (30%) (e.g. ecoliteracy, caring about… social/environmental justice, engaging learners in different ways to classroom contexts, using different ways of teaching in, about and for, attention restoration, etc)


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