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1) The dissertation must include a statement of the candidate’s objectives and must acknowledge published or other sources of material consulted (including an appropriate bibliography) and any assistance received. • There shall be an abstract (up to 500 words) bound into the dissertation which provides a synopsis of the dissertation stating the nature and the scope of the work undertaken and of the contribution made to the knowledge of the subject treated. • Diagrams should be self-explanatory (adequate annotation and captions) and should be located in close proximity to where they are first mentioned to the text. The dissertation should be divided into appropriate sections and sub-sections. • The ideas, experiences and other information gleaned from the literature should be given recognition by the use of abbreviated citations in the text which provide the key to a fuller description in the reference section. • It will be assumed that future students can have access to your work for reference unless you state clearly on the title page that your report is confidential. It is important to ensure your dissertation is conducted in an ethical manner. The following points offer a good checklist. • Discuss ethical issues in collection and use of data with your supervisor • Ensure that no harm can come to participants • Ensure that respondents understand that participation is voluntary and confidential • Keep data confidential. Do not share it with anyone else • Be honest and open with respondents about the reasons for the research and report findings honestly and accurately • Be honest about your own interest in the data • Comply with the Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation.


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