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Human Communication


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This assignment has two parts. You will conduct a mock interview, and then prepare a lecture based on your analysis and critique of the session.  Part 1: Conduct a personal interview by videotaping or audiotaping the interview (video is preferred), and then analyze your interview. (Note: Maintain copies of the interviews you make; you will reuse some of these interviews during the course and will need to have them available.) Prepare a tape recorder or video camera for use. Find a friend, peer, or family member, and then ask that individual to role-play the scenario described below.  Scenario (Same as Week 1): You are interviewing a student at a local college. At the moment she/he is experiencing emotional stress with the required studies. The main concern is the time, pressure, and assignment overload, in addition to his/her other responsibilities. She/he fears not being able to cope and finish the degree in the expected timeframe, which may lead to quitting the program and being “stuck” in his/her current place in life. Your task is to effectively apply the skill of reflecting the content and feeling. Be sure to continue using appropriate attending skills learned earlier while adding reflection to your skill set. Remember, your intention in this interview is still not to develop any change strategies with an interviewee, it is simply to use basic attending skills and reflection of content and feelings to make an interviewee feel heard and understood. Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.


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