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9. Discuss the pros and cons of the filibuster in the US Senate. 10. How would you distinguish fake news in the media from real news? 11. Analyze the circumstances in which impeachment has been used in national government throughout our history. 12. How have presidents exercised their role as commander-in-chief? How did Congress attempt to limit this power in the War Powers Resolution? 13. Explain the concepts of iron triangles and issue networks. What could be done to change the iron triangles? 14. Describe the manner(s) in which Congress attempts to control the bureaucracy. 15. Describe the different models of bureaucracy. 16. Should federal judges serve for lifetime or be term-limited? Thoroughly explain your answer. 17. β€œIn no other country do judges have as big a share in policy-making as they do in the U.S.” In what way or ways can judges affect government policy in the US? 18. Explain three ways in which the courts can be checked. 19. Explain the rising cost of entitlement programs and what should be done about them in the future.


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