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Each question to be answered in a paragraph 1. Which do you consider yourself—a Democrat, Republican, or Independent? Explain your answer by discussing political socialization, which people vote for the parties, and party platforms. 2. Do Presidents have too much power? Why, or why not? 3. Why do we only have two major parties? Explain the things that have perpetuated the two-party system. — Why is US voter turnout typically so low? What, if anything, can be done to increase turnout? 5. Evaluate the role of the media in setting the public agenda and argue whether you think it is good or bad for them to have this power. 6. Compare and contrast the trustee and instructed-delegate theories of representation. 7. Which three functions of Congress do you believe are the most important? Explain your answer. 8. Explain how and where a bill can be stopped in the legislative process.


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