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There are 4 questions to be answered separately. Each reading should a specific source that I attach here. NO ONLINE SOURCES ARE TO BE USED. Question 1 (Source- Timaeus reading, which is the first file attached): Timaeus talks about human health and immortality as involving bringing the motions of body and soul into alignment with the motion of the body and soul of the universe. Explain the picture. Why does Timaeus think that the motions or revolutions are the key to well-being? Include a discussion about the extent to which you think the ‘motions’ are literal or figurative. Question 2(Source-Plotinus reading, which is the second and third files attached) : What is the world soul for Plotinus? What are some possible candidate interpretations? Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of them. End by discussing whether you think Plotinus needs a world soul in his metaphysics. Question 3 (Source- Spinoza reading, which are the 4th and 5th files attached): What point is Spinoza making with his example of the worm in the blood? How is Spinoza able to claim that the universe as a whole remains unchanged? Relate the point to his distinction between substance and mode. Consider also the water example in 1p15s. Is he making the same point there? How so? Question 4(Source Matthews and Goff readings, which are the 6th and 7th files attached) : Compare and contrast Goff and Mathews’ versions of panpsychism. What do they mean by the term? Why do they think their position is plausible? Which, if any, do you find more plausible? Do you think their theories should be considered a version of the world soul? Explain by referencing other figured from the above questions.


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