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Fundraising Event Paper 

You are the Executive Director of the Domestic Violence shelter, which is a nonprofit agency in your community. Each year during October (domestic violence awareness month) you plan a fundraising event to help balance your budget plan. As your expenses go up each year so do your funding needs. Consider a fundraising event that will yield at least $10,000. Remember to use your board of directors, volunteers, or any other participants in the community who can help raise money. You can choose an annual fund, a capital campaign, or in kind matching donations if you have a grant. Use funding raising ideas. How can you involve the community, bring awareness to an issue, change attitudes, educate people, raise money, and have fun all at the same time? Be specific in plans and the timeline. Includes supplies needed, how to conduct the event, who will do each task, and where it will take place. What is your anticipated outcome in revenue? Include a line item budget, what do you expect to gain in community support, participation, education or awareness of an issue?


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