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Babies Film Response 

Paper details Babies! For this assignment, you will focus on the movie Babies. Take your notes from the film and discussion in class. Then, answer the questions below. Your paper should be at least between 400-500 words and MUST combine your own insight with multiple pieces of evidence from the film, the textbook, and the “Childhood in Different Cultures” reading. 1. Which scenes in this film most clearly indicate to you the interconnectedness, the similarity in all human behavior? 2. Ethnocentrism is the belief in the superiority of one’s culture. What scenes in the film cause you to respond with what may be an ethnocentric viewpoint? 3. Thinking about parents and children in general, what are the responsibilities of the parents in a family and what are the responsibilities of the children at various stages of life (such as infancy, ages 6 – 12, ages 12 – 18 and when the children are adults, and when the parents are elderly)? (okay to just choose one age) Childhood in Different Cultures: Ethnocentrism and Child Development.pdf Link to film): https://digitalcampus-swankmp-net.ezproxy-h.pierce.ctc.edu/pierce303254/#/play/82484?watch=1 The book we also work out of is CDEV2


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