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 MKT 451 Project Guidelines This project is an opportunity for you to emulate the steps that a meeting manager and the convention service manager go through to produce a meeting or convention. You (and your team members if you doing it as a team) will create your own meeting for a fictitious association or corporation. You will be creating a Request for Proposal-RFP (40pts), Preliminary Program (60 pts), and a Meeting and Exhibit Specification Guide (50 pts). The entire project is worth 150 points. Please note that website links are constantly changing so you may need to search for an updated one from the ones recommended below. Items which MUST be included in your project are: A) Request for Proposal (RFP) (40 points) For the APEX version go to https://insights.eventscouncil.org/Full-Article/events-industry-council-templates-formerly-apex


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