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Description This is a group Strategic Audit on Tesla. My components of the paper will be as follows: Societal Environment: 1)Economic Environment 2)Technology Environment 3)Political Legal Environment 4)Socio cultural Environment Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy 1)Strategic Alternatives Exhibits: 1) EFAS Table (External Factors Analysis Summary) 2) SFAS Matrix (Strategic Factor Anaylsis Summary) I have attached a sample of a Strategic Audit on Blue Nile the “CEO Project”. With the skill set of the strategic audit , you will be ready to perform a major audit for a Fortune 500 company. See below for details. The CEO project is designed for you (and your team) to become CEOs for the term. As CEOs, you will be responsible for preparing a comprehensive strategic plan. You will choose a Fortune 500 company of your choice and perform a strategic analysis and implementation plan of the firm’s general strategy to achieve its short and long term goals and objectives. We will use the Strategic Audit as a guide to build your grand strategy. Remember, you will be building the assignment from the perspective of the CEO and you will design a strategy that takes into account every aspect of the firm’s history,vision and mission, market and financial positions, culture, and values.


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