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Description Project 1: Food Film Essay The Film to be watched and wrote about is: In Search of Israeli Cuisine Films about food are an excellent way to think critically about the ideas raised so far in this course. Module 1: Edibility and Module 2: Ingredients cover cultural definitions and categorizations of food, food rules, subsistence/food getting strategies, and the commercialization of food at a global level. You are encourage to select a film that allows you to see these issues from another culture. Films about food in the US are accepted, but if you choose the US, select a film that recognizes the vast cultural diversity found in the US. Your film should be a minimum of 60 minutes. It should be contemporary (within the past 20 years). Your paper should be 3 pages (minimum) double spaced. A minimum of 750 words (~3 pages double spaced). Part 1: Essay For your essay, select a total of 3-4 learning objectives from chapter 1-3. Pick learning objectives that can be addressed using the film. Thus, its best to watch the film first and then pick your objectives. Your essay should include: 1. Introduction: This is a very brief (~4 sentences) summary of the film including its production details such as its release date, where it was made, and the main plot. 2. Objectives: State your objective as a header in your paper. Then use ~1 page to explore how concepts/ideas/theories from your text can be observed in the film. Please rely on your text and my lectures! develop well articulated arguments/statements that demonstrate anthropological ideas using the content in the film.


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