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Look up the words community, service, partner, and reciprocity in the dictionary. Consider how these words and definitions are related to each other and to this course. Now, as you write responses to the following questions, try to locate yourself within these terms and their meanings. Please be as concrete as possible, using examples, as you consider the following: 1. How have you experienced a sense of community in other settings? (4 points) 2. When have you been of service to others? In what ways? (4 points) 3. When have you been served by others? In what ways? (4 points) 4. What did you give to others when you were providing service? What did you gain from your service experience? (8 points) 5. What images about those being served do you carry? (4 points) 6. Have you experienced situations in which benefit resulted from a collaborative effort? (4 points) 7. What have been some of the critical elements of those partnerships that contributed to the success? What do you think and feel about them as a result of having been involved in them? (4 points) 8. What communication skills, critical thinking abilities, or other new skills did you develop as a result? (4 points) 9. How do you think your experience might prepare you for this current community-based learning opportunity? (4 points)


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