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Using an entrepreneurial venture you wish to start (please use the following website NII.ca to inspire this paper, discuss the innovation process you would implement, future business opportunities for this new venture, and prospective strategies to move the business from a new venture development stage to the growth stage. In your answer, ensure you consider the role of government in facilitating innovation. Please ensure you cover the following elements in your assignment: 1.In your introduction, give a brief overview of the new venture (profit or not-for profit): a. industry b. products, services, idea or experiences c. target market. 2. Evaluate the innovation process used to identify the business opportunity. 3. Assess the benefits and challenges in implementing the new business opportunity. (This would be the early stage of the life cycle.) 4. Suggest strategies you will implement to move the business from the new venture development to the growth stage. 5. Evaluate various support systems provided by the government to facilitate entrepreneurial activities. Recommend various forms of assistance required from the government to foster your businesses.


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