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Description demonstrate great ideas on how to guide through formal analysis reminding essays should show how to use looking and analysis and NOT research and analysis. State the facts then create own opinions (agree or disagree) based on numerous sources and what they SEE in the works of art (like the hidden symbolism). For formal analysis papers should use at least 5 or more ONLINE ACCESSIBLE outside sources in order to further bolster the assertions made in essay. Please select ONE of the three topics listed: All must be three pages in length APA style writing with at least five sources. 1. Select three works from three different chapters showing a political message. How are they similar? How did the Artist express the political topic or opinion and did it change that society or culture? 2. Many cultures have influence each other. Find two examples of art movements influenced by other cultures. Explain how they influenced the works created and if the artwork changed messages from one culture to another. 3. Select three innovative buildings that changed the face of architecture. What are the similarities and differences. Is a functional building or an artistic purpose? Why is it innovative? How has it influenced other architects?


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