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Write a response briefly summarizing what we learned for that section of the course and applying it to the reading from Poitier, Niliwaambieni, and Rowe (1997). Your job is to essentially design a study (or at least your part of the study) that would test the efficacy of this approach. Each of you will be assigned a section and you will do a brief summary of what we have learned and then apply that to the model you learn about. Here is the list of who will present what: Please note, you do not need to collaborate with each other for this assignment if you are paired. To summarize, after reviewing the Poitier et al. article, here is what you will do with your section: Briefly review the section you are assigned; Propose how you apply what you have learned to a new study. For example, Jasmin Privott has focused research questions. They would BRIEFLY review that section with us (no more than ONE paragraph) and then they would propose a hypotheses or research question that might be used in the study and justify why it is a good fit. Here is the follow up prompt with no alteration: Respond by Day 5 to a colleague’s postings with a suggestion, insight, or addition to that particular step of the research process. If this is unclear, do not hesitate to write or call me. This week should be a review of what we have covered. Dr. Melius Reference Poitier, V. L., Niliwaambieni, M., & Rowe, C. (1997). A rite of passage approach designed to preserve the families of substance-abusing African American women. Child Welfare, 76(1), 173-195. Retrieved from https://www.cwla.org/child-welfare-journal/


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