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The paper should be 1100 words long. Its an observation where you watch a video and and then describe using the criteria below 4 pages min, It’s up to you whether you how you want to do the observations as they provide 3 videos of each movement. Ill just need to know what and where to send the videos (they are pretty short ones). Find 3 children between the ages of 2-12 years of age you can record performing a fundamental motor skill. You can observe the same child doing three different skills or you can observe three different children (of varying ages) doing the same skill. Skills you can observe include: a. Running b. Jumping (standing long jump or vertical jump) c. Hopping d. Overarm throwing e. Kicking f. Striking Schedule time to meet with children you will be observing. During your observation you should note specific details about the movement skill you are observing. Use the observation plans provided by your instructor as a guide. You may want to videotape the child performing the skills so that later on you can review the exact movement patterns the child displayed. If you plan to videotape, you MUST get permission from the parent(s) to do so. Following your observation, you will be required to write a 3-4 page paper on the movement patterns you observed. Within your paper you should have the following: a. Introduction: The introduction will allow you to describe the children you observed. (15 pts; 5 pts per child description) b. Main Body of Paper: You should have three separate observation descriptions of the movements you observed. For each description, please include the following: i. Detailed description of the movement you selected for the observation. (30 pts; 10 pts per child description). Use motor development terminology and use the observation plans as a guide. ii. State whether the movement was early or proficient based on the description you gave for the movement. (15 pts; 5 pts per child description) c. Conclusion: In the conclusion, please discuss how this assignment helped you to understand the developmental stages of the various fundamental skills. (5 pts) 4. Spelling and grammar: 5 points


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