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 The goal of the journal entry assessment is to record your thoughts about how the material could relate to you and/or a business in which you are associated. You MUST use Graham Gibbs’ six steps to aid your reflection. See below for the journal entry. You must use references when you refer to a model or theory, but not when referring to your own thoughts or opinions, which should constitute the majority of the writing. You can use personal pronouns, such as ‘I’, or ‘me’, which are not typically used in academic writing. Task (aligned to Graham Gibbs’ six Steps) DESCRIBE an event or situation where you had an opportunity to develop your creativity. (When you are describing the situation, provide a brief description of the organisation and your role within the organisation.) You can even highlight a situation you have witnessed. EXPLAIN your feelings towards the situation. What did you feel about the situation? E.g. stressed, happy, excited. EVALUATION – What were the barriers you encountered? ANALYSIS – How did you overcome them? Briefly review the seven different areas for challenging your creativity (see below) and select one or two creative arenas to discuss how they have helped you. CONCLUSION – What have you learned from the experience? ACTION – What changes would you make if you encounter a similar situation in future?


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