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1. Show that the the E-gene in turkeys is located on the Z-chromosome 2.Mendel’s Law of Segregation is not really applicable to alleles found on sex chromosomes. But does it apply to the actual sex chromosomes? Explain. 3.Researchers sometimes use gamma rays to induce deletion mutations in certain organisms and thus create mutant strains. What might this suggest regarding how exactly gamma rays interact with DNA? What are they probably causing to happen that results in these deletion mutations? 4.Explain, in detail, how you could use the FISH method to to determine whether a person is 47,XYY male or 47,XXX female. 5.What would be the result from a nondisjunction of chromosome 21 in a zygote that is 46,XY? Explain your answer. 6.How many of the following people would have cells containing ONE Barr Body? 46,XY 46,XX 47,XYY 47,XXX 45,X 47,XXY 7.There is an autosomal gene in cats that controls whether or not they also have white patches of fur (W = white spots, w= no white spots). Considering this along with the Orange gene (O0 and OB) from the previous question, and how it works, how many possible genotypes (using these 4 alleles) are there for cats that are orange, black, and white (in other words, calico)?


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