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Sponsors are critical to the success of most sports events because they are one of the major means used for generating revenue, both monetary and through “in kind” donations. The ability to obtain sponsors is a critical skill, and the ability to effectively pitch your event or organization to potential sponsors will help to ensure your success in the sports management industry. As you plan your event, obtaining sponsors can help you gain necessary resources, both monetary and goods in kind. For this assignment, you will create a sponsorship deck that you can use to pitch your event to potential event sponsors. The presentation should be completed as a PowerPoint presentation of 8-12 slides, so it can be easily shared with potential sponsors. For each slide, be sure to include relevant talking points in the notes section of the slide. Include relevant speaker notes for each presentation slide. Include proper citation of sources on all slides and speaker notes. The presentation should include the following information. Event Title and Tagline and related logo/graphic. Event Overview: provides specific event information and introduces the event organizer and the organization benefitting from the event. Event date, time, and location and related graphic. Information related to cause or organization that will benefit from your event. Event differentiator: explain what makes your event a unique opportunity for the potential sponsor to engage with the community and benefactor. Include information about the event target market to establish how sponsorship can connect the company to potential customers. Sponsorship Opportunities: include the benefits that the event can provide to the sponsor along with what you are seeking from the sponsor as part of the partnership. Discuss varying types and levels of sponsorship available and the benefits sponsors will receive for participating at specific sponsorship levels. Branding Specifics: include details about how the sponsor will be recognized through event signage, promotional materials, and during the event. Call to action: tell the potential sponsor how to become involved with your event and offer them a specific option for collaborating with you. Provide contact information for the event organizer. Once you have completed your sponsorship deck, practice your pitch so you can present it to the class and receive their feedback. 


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