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1. In the film, Shinjuku Boys, what are onnabes? 2. Describe two aspects of the onnabes in the film, Shinjuku Boys, that illustrate Butler’s point about performativity. 3. From the film, Shinjuku Boys, describe two examples of onnabes and their relationships that support the fact that sex, gender, and sexuality vary independently. This Is for anthropology of gender class. These papers should include a one-paragraph synopsis or summary of the film’s main ideas and plot. For the rest of the paper you must use anthropological terms and concepts to comment on particular points and issues in the film. Evaluation of the papers will be based upon how well concepts from the course readings are used to comment on the film. Book we are using Is: Brettell, Caroline B. and Sargent, Carolyn F. (eds) 2009, 5th edition Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective.Pearson/Prentice Hall.


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