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Write a complete news story based on the following information. Your lead should summarize the most important news and not exceed 35 words. All other paragraphs cannot be longer than 40 words. Be thorough; include all the information you consider important. Because much of the material is wordy, awkward and poorly organized, it should be extensively rewritten. Correct any errors you may find in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Use AP style. The style book is posted. Keep in mind that information should be organized and written by order of importance and not chronologically. Look up the definition of the word trustee if you are unsure of its meaning. Note there is vocal opposition to the proposal. Be sure to note it early and briefly. Later expand on it. You will find a link to a story. Use the information sparingly to provide some context. Review the assignment as soon as possible and let us know if you have questions or concerns. Please don’t do so at the last minute.


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