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For this assignment, go to “Listen and Respond” in the “Music in Words” section found on p. 108-109 of the ebook). You must use the clip available on p.108 to complete the exercise. You can also find this clip after clicking on the PLAYLISTS icon from the Norton digital landing page, under “Part 2 Style Exercise: Weelkes, Since Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and Little John.” Listen to Thomas Weelkes’s Since Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and Little John several times. Your writing must demonstrate your understanding and ability to identify and describe basic music elements accurately. 1. In bullet point form, create a simple outline for the song and describe the elements heard on the clip. a) Melody (conjunct/disjunct, range): b) Rhythm/Meter (duple, triple, quadruple, sextuple *hint: there is a section in a different meter): c) Harmony (major/minor, consonant/dissonant overall): d) Texture (homophonic/polyphonic/monophonic): e) Genre and function (is it sacred or secular vocal music (Mass, organum, motet, madrigal, chanson) or instrumental music (dances)?) f) Form (Are there repeated sections of the text? If so, how many? Where? Include time references to support your answer): g) Expression (word-painting examples with time references): h) Performance group (accompanied or not?): 2. Now write a short paragraph describing the selection as you might for a concert report. For guidance, refer to chapter 13 and the Beginner Music Critic’s Writing Guide. Here you can demonstrate your understanding of the relevant terms and concepts as well as your response to the expressive quality of the song.


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