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 Imagine you were charged with the task of evaluating an advertisement for a firm that created the ad. You have to write an essay that evaluates how effectively the firm selected and utilized the techniques they chose to promote the product/message they are selling. You are charged with writing an analytical evaluation of the effectiveness of the advertising techniques being utilized in the advertisement you have selected.Choose a magazine advertisement that you want to analyze in detail. Pick an ad carefully so that you can clearly identify the specific advertising techniques that are being used and then evaluate the effectiveness of these techniques. The first technique you always look to identify is image. You must identify image and discuss it in your analysis. Image is a required technique and it must be the first technique stated in the thesis and it must be the first body paragraph’s topic. Image is the initial visual impression that the ad makes on the prospective consumer and it is all about the feelings that are being pushed towards the prospective consumer by the visual clues and mood the image creates.Once you have chosen your ad and identified the persuasive techniques being utilized, you can write a detailed analysis of the ad and analyze the techniques for effectiveness or non-effectiveness in terms of the way the techniques either worked or did not work. As you describe how the advertisement firm manipulated the product/message with the techniques, remember to not just describe the Ad but analyze it, and in particular, the emphasis of your writing needs to be an objective analysis of how effectively the techniques worked or a critique of why they did not work. You will want a paragraph for the discussion of each of the techniques you analyze. You will be analyzing and taking a position of either explaining why the ad works or why it does not work based on the selected techniques the advertisers used as they tried to create desire and want in the minds of the prospective consumers by using the techniques to manipulate the product to make it more appealing.Is the Ad effective? Explain why or why not. You need to do this in each body paragraph as you analyze the technique that is being discussed in that paragraph and how it works or does not work in term of representing whatever is being advertised and if it is being depicted in a desirable way. That is the intent of the ad. If the advertiser is using sex appeal, that technique was selected to work hand in hand with whatever the ad is promoting and the prospective customer’s perceived values and ideals. The introduction will require extensive contextual background as you set up the beginning of the essay. Open the introduction talking about how pervasive the advertising industry is in our lives and that ads are everywhere and constantly trying to grab our attention and get us to buy into a message or a product. When creating the context in the introduction, it is totally relevant to state that tens and tens of billions of dollars are spent on advertising in the U.S. each year without citing that. It is common knowledge. Create some statements about how strategic and meticulously ads are planned out and thought out as they are created. The idea is to acknowledge that huge amounts of time are put into carefully selecting the most appropriate techniques to go with a product and prospective customer. The advertisement must come from a recent magazine that is not more than 12-18 months old. Only use an ad from an online magazine if you can access the whole edition of that magazine on line and you can clearly identify the demographics of the magazine’s audience. Use sources from the advertisement magazine.


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