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Description Gloria Oaks is 66-year-old divorced Caucasian woman who has lived alone for more than 20 years. Although Gloria was very reluctant to seek any help, her adult children have convinced her to come see you because her home has become uninhabitable. Gloria has not cleaned out her home for many, many years. Her son Jeremy and her friend Jeanne come with her to the first appointment. Jeanne, Gloria’s only good friend, calls her every day. Friends since high school, Jeanne is no longer able to visit Gloria because of the hoarding issues. Jeanne says Gloria’s problem all started after her parents and her younger brother were killed in a car crash during their senior year of high school. After Gloria’s family died, she lived with an aunt and uncle for a year before heading off to college. Gloria married after her freshman year of college and the couple soon had two children. Gloria and her husband divorced after five years of marriage. Gloria has lived in the family home ever since. She now rarely goes out of her home and never allows anyone inside. Jeremy states that he and his sister have tried to help her clean up but their mother continues to bring more and more stuff into the house. He states he believes his mother is depressed, is not sleeping, and is starting to experience some health problems from living in the home. Answer the following questions from your perspective as her psychiatric nurse practitioner, in a paper in APA format. In your initial interview with Gloria, Jeremy, and Jeanne, what types of questions would be most important to ask? Identify three of your most important safety concerns for Gloria. Provide a rationale. Identify resources (including links) available in your own community to help Gloria clean her home. If her diagnosis is hoarding disorder, what medications could be used to treat Gloria? Provide a rationale. If you were to offer Gloria psychodynamic psychotherapy, articulate a possible case formulation using a psychodynamic approach for working with her. Identify one research article that addresses any aspect of hoarding disorder.


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