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 Create a document/experience outlining your personal brand. In essence, you are creating an advertisement for yourself that highlights your skills, qualifications, and other desirable employment traits. Please create a flyer. Part 2: Read Chapter 13. Careers and Work Experience Micki McCartney and Lynda Robin introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in BC book.can be found on you tube and this link can be helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqj6w3UWUhc Complete this Career map type into the boxes (it is an editable PDF). As you complete the Career Map, be sure to consider the various industry trends and evolutions we are seeing throughout the world. Review career postings via the LinkedIn Jobs link in Module 7. Take particulate notice of required skills/qualifications for positions you aspire to hold. Be sure your short and long team goals directly address these required skills/qualifications. A little summary that can help with the 2nd part of this summary. “I currentely work in the hospitality industry as banquet server for Marriott. I Aspire to be a leader one day also open my own busissness through air airbnb or work as banquet manager.. Part 2 (Career Map) Be sure you are positioning yourself to be a a competitive, in-demand employe of the future. Part 3 (Personal Brand) Be creative and leverage the unique skills and traits that make you awesome!”


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