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This will be a paper of 1500–2000 words. Take a position for or against the fundamental argument of the course text, The Spirit Level, that “greater equality makes societies stronger.” Use course materials and other information to substantiate your arguments. The text talks about the effect of income equality on health and social problems and the effect of income inequality on crime, corrections, and imprisonment. Do you think these are valid and substantial arguments? Think about examples of integrating justice and actions which may move a society towards social justice. What are the implications for justice personnel? How might their role change in a more equal society? A position paper is an excellent method of developing a logical argument either for or against a particular position on an issue of importance. It enables both the writer and the reader to engage in a logical discussion on a variety of topics by examining both the negative and positive aspects of a position. Position Paper Format: Introduction with a statement of issue starting with the stem: “Should … or “To what extent should …” Statement of Position Defence of Position Alternative Value Positions/Opposing Arguments Conclusion


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