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Description Brighton and Hove City has long been associated with sustainability and environmental movements. For example the first Body Shop opened in the City in 1976 and from 1970 until recently Brighton was home to the National Society for Clean Air who campaigned for improved air quality. The City Council was recently led by the Green Party, and it is home to the only Green MP in the UK. Within its Sustainability Action Plan the City Council sets out a series of actions which strive to enhance the environment in the City improving local environment quality for residents and visitors, and addressing pollution. As part of this drive the City Council has contracted your consultancy company to collect data to help them understand how Brighton & Hove City is performing in terms of sustainability. You have been allocated part of the City and are required to submit a report to the council that sets out the following: A description of the area being monitored; The methods applied and results of monitoring local environmental quality in the area – this includes primary data collected from fieldwork on air quality, noise pollution, and waste/local environmental quality issues; Evaluation of how the local environment in the area compares against regulatory/legislative standards or codes of practice; Recommendations to the Council on how local environmental quality could be improved including case studies/examples of good practice adopted in other areas. Whilst you will undertake the fieldwork as a group you are required to write an individual consultancy report of 3,000 words and include a reference list. Support for conducting fieldwork will be provided throughout the module and time is also allocated for you to undertake fieldwork 


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