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 Write the preliminary results of Critical Discourse Analysis of Ontario’s Programmatic (official) Literacy curriculum. Will need charts and graphic organizers. Four focal points: students, teacher, subject matter (literacy) and milieu (learning environment). Research questions: Research Questions My research investigates Ontario’s programmatic literacy to respond to the following research questions: · How are literacy (subject matter), literacy learners (students), literacy instructors (teachers), and conditions of and for literacy learning (milieus) configured and positioned in the programmatic literacy curricula of Ontario? · How do the above configurations address the increased levels of migration, diversity, and rapid technological change that characterize the current era? · What implications do these findings have on literacy education in the 21st Century? How literacy is defined is an important question to investigate, as literacy directly influences who can and cannot actively and meaningfully participate in society; literacy, then, plays a fundamental role in ensuring an inclusive society (Cope & Kalantzis, 2009b). Responses to these questions can contribute to the literature of how equitable literacy curricular are created.


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