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Description Introduction (2000 words) 1. Background (a) Maternal Health – Global attention on maternal health – Sierra Leone health system (b) Sierra Leone’s Maternal Health – Post civil war maternal health > indicators and political/ public discourse – Pre Ebola maternal health (Free Health Care Initiative) > indicators and political/ public discourse (c) Ebola in Sierra Leone and it’s effect on maternal health – Summarise Ebola’s direct effect on Sierra Leone – Ebola had indirect effects on access & service delivery especially in maternal care 2. Theoretical Framework (a) Thaddeus and Maine’s 3-Delays Model – Explain concept, relevancy and theory limitations (b) Kingdon’s 3 Stream Model – Explain concept, relevancy and theory limitations (c) Ovterton’s Policy Window – Explain concept, relevancy and theory limitations 3. Aims (a) Project Aims and Objectives – Literature review of Ebola’s effect on institutional births Identify impact Ebola has on access to and quality of institutional deliveries and analyse & present findings using 3 delays model – Analyse and evaluate post- Ebola policies tackling any of the 3 delays · Methodology (1500 words) 1. Search Strategy 2. Inclusion/ Exclusion Criteria 3. Data Extraction 4. Study Quality Assessment 5. Data Synthesis 6. Ethics · Section 1 – Literature Review (2000 words) 1. Results for Ebola’s effect on… (a) Policy for deliveries pre- Ebola (b) Institutional Births during Ebola (c) Institutional Births post Ebola 2. Discussion · Section 2 – Policy Analysis (2000 words) 1. Identify policies 2. Stakeholder Analysis 3. Discussion · Conclusion & Recommendations (1500 words)


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