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Description 1) Do you think that the various counterculture groups of the 1960s had any long-term impact on U.S. society? If so, why/if not, why not. 2) Read the following peers respond to this question and say if you agree with them or not, and why? — The counterculture groups of the 1960s advocated a new way of living by symbolizing love. Most of the members within these groups were middle class white American men. They distinguished symbols such as sexual liberation, drugs, and music as a way of equality and freedom of speech. During this time, authorities had banned drugs such as LSD and forced restrictions on political gatherings. In addition, parents were scared of the impact these actions could make on younger children. Hippies during this era were known for there use in drugs and promiscuous sex. An example of a counterculture event could the “Be-In” was a gathering united with Hippies as a way of expressing existence. These events have led to a massive social change in America. These social gatherings have made a tremendous impact on the counterculture world for the long term in American society. Tour buses would go through hippie neighborhoods as tourists would snap pictures of these sites. In result, entrepreneurs made money of the counterculture groups in the easiest way. The counterculture lifestyle has changed the way Americans view music, love, and harmony. Music was a way of expressing who you were as a symbolic way of art. To this day it has made a tremendous effect like rock music. Another example was expanding the way for peoples consciousness as in yoga. Yoga is a common use for a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that allows individuals to improve their overall health. In result, the counterculture has made a long term effect in the way we view music, love, and so much more in American society.


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