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Description In Rebecca Walker’s Black White and Jewish. This coming-of-age autobiography explores many concepts of identity, race, family, belonging/acceptance, friendship, love, etc. During the reading, we have explored passages, concepts, themes, conflicts, relationships, symbols, etc. In this essay, make a significant claim about a concept/theme/conflict/relationship/symbol/etc. from the text and use critical analysis of the text to argue it. You are expected to make an argument and use a specific argument pattern (narrative, illustration, compare and contrast) to make your argument. For this essay, you can use any argument pattern/style that you wish and you can also mix patterns (this is called a “mixed” argument pattern) to make your argument. This is a full essay and should contain a snappy title, an introductory paragraph that contains a hook, background/context and a strong thesis (thesis/claim/controlling central idea); a series of body paragraphs with topic sentences, quotes, and analysis; and a concluding paragraph. It should be approximately 3-5 pages typed and double-spaced and cited and documented in MLA Format.


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