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Detailed Analysis Rough Draft This week you will begin to get into the real “meat” of this exegetical paper. You will begin to do a detailed analysis of the passage that you have selected to study for this course. Now would be the time to freshen up on the passage you have selected one more time and read it again. From your readings and study consider the following: * What does the analysis of the historical background and context indicate about the meaning of the passage? * Read and compare the passage with a minimum of two other translations. Note any differences that indicate truly divergent meanings or help amplify a meaning. * Identify at least one key word as indicated in your Elements of Biblical Exegesis textbook (pages 105-111. Rely on commentaries to help you understand the contextual meanings of these words. What is significant about the author’s use of such words? * Define the meaning of each key word in light of its unique context. Remember that this is an exegesis paper NOT a word study. Be careful not to overwork word definitions. * What is the literary form? Are there any literary devices (metaphors, allegories, etc.)? What impact does this make on the meaning of the passage? * Note the grammatical structure of the passage for any bearing this has on the meaning of the passage. * Consult and use a minimum of three commentaries and compare them with the meaning of the passage as derived from the above process. * Look up the passage in at least one periodical/journal (you should have found two in your SEU Library Exercise. Prefer any periodical listed in the bibliography under the heading “Periodicals.” * What specific theological issues are addressed? How do these theological issues relate to the basic message of the Bible? What, if any, unique concepts or insights are presented concerning these theological issues? What issues were at stake? Does the passage describe some aspect of God, humans, Christ, salvation, ethics, the Church, or the Holy Spirit? Old or New Testament theology resources would be helpful at this point. Interact with and present the result of steps A-I on one or two verses at the most for this rough draft. This section must be written as a narrative rough draft. Submitting a paper that lists A-I and includes research will not suffice. The rough draft must be written in a narrative format just like your final paper.


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