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Description Pick one of the theories outlined in Chapter 8 and them write a short paper (3 – 4 pages, Time New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced) outlining how and why juveniles are influenced to join gangs. Two scholarly journal articles should be included as references Attach one MS Word Document for all responses; do not upload several documents. Keep it organized. All submissions must be written in students’ own words. Any instances of plagiarism will result in: First Offense: Zero, with no opportunity to resubmit Second Offense: F in the course. Third Offense (in any other course): Expulsion from FNU. Every response must be properly cited following APA. Grade Distribution: Content (thorough, accurate, original, less than 30% matching as per SafeAssign): 50% Grammar (minimal errors, proper grammar, complete sentences/paragraphs): 25% Citations (scholarly source, properly formatted citation to APA): 25% As noted by this distribution, citations are worth 25%. Without a proper citation, the highest grade possible would be a 75% (100 – 25 = 75), which is a C, and that’s assuming that the content and the grammar were absolutely perfect. Therefore, please do not disregard the importance of citing your work. The only APA rules that must be followed are: Running Head Header on first page Headers on all other subsequent pages In-text cites for all material referenced Reference list / page Fonts must be Times New Roman 12 All other APA rules are to be disregarded The writing lab director can also provide tutorials, training, and support with writing skills and the rules of citations. Students bear the responsibility for acquiring college-level writing skills. Seek the help that you need, and you will succeed.


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