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For this assignment, you are presented with a video of a primary student, Mark, who is undertaking a mathematics assessment called the Schedule for Early Number Assessment 2 (SENA2) . Your role is to write a report on Mark’s current development of numeracy concepts and skills, as well as future goals and ideas/suggestions to reach those goals. You will notice during the assessment that the student uses a variety of strategies to complete the tasks, some more sophisticated and accurately executed than others. It is your role to provide a report on what the student could do, where you would take the student next in their development and answer the how and why you would this (i.e. the benefit of future goal). For each section of the SENA2, you will likely look at the student’s accuracy, strategies employed, fluency, understandings and ability to communicate mathematical ideas. Your task will be to offer a response on (1) what skills and understandings the student already has and (2) present a position on what, why and how the student, Mark, will be supported to develop his mathematics skills and understandings through an appropriate teaching intervention. Details and structure Please use the following headings in your assignment. Introduction Addition and subtraction§ (SENA Task* 1 and 2) Numeral identification§ (Tasks 3 to 12) Counting by 10’s and 100’s§ (Tasks 13 to 16) Combining and partitioning§ (Tasks 17 to 18) Place value§ (Tasks 19 to 22) Multiplication and division (incl. area multiplication)§ (Tasks 23 to 29) Conclusion * Tasks in brackets refer to the SENA2 questions § Within any of these sections, you can refer to the findings from other sections or tasks. If you see an important pattern or underlying connections, feel free to describe it because many concepts throughout the SENA are intertwined. Under each heading above, please include: What the student can currently do. Please give evidence of how you know this. This will be linked to the Learning Progressions. Goals – What skills/understandings would we like the student to develop and why is this goal is important. These will be linked to the Learning Progressions. Teaching ideas – What will you do to help the student develop these new skills/understandings. Please don’t include elaborate, detailed plans. We are just wanting a brief description, that explicitly identifies how you might help the student reach the goals. There are NSW Department of Education resources you can look at to help you.


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