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 Advanced Behaviour & Social Science Guideline for Essay (Psychology) -In this assignment, you are asked to describe your psychological development of being an Enrolled Nurse and a part-time student with the application of psychological theories and concepts. -Student is required to use relevant literature to support the discussion and/or justification. This essay contributes 50% of the total mark for this subject. Assignment Description -For this assignment, you could use your life, study and work experience as examples to illustrate your psychological development during this transition period from an Enrolled Nurse to a Registered Nurse. The word limit of the essay is 1500 word. Steps to complete this essay: I. Introduction Give a brief account of your current status as an Enrolled Nurse and a part-time student. II. Content  The essay may cover the following areas: – A discussion paragraph about the life span from being an Enrolled Nurse student to a Registered nurse student – Your psychological needs at different stages of this transition period. – Any factors that affect your motivation and emotion in playing your roles. – Share the satisfaction and challenges in your roles such as life happiness, appreciation from others, academic achievement, team support in study or work, stress or workload etc. – Suggestions to promote positive psychological growth III. Conclusion  Bring closure and sum up your overall ideas while providing a final perspective on your topic. Your conclusion should consist of three to five strong sentences reviewing your main points and provide reinforcement of your content. IV. References  American Psychological Association (APA) style is required. Appendix III


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