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Yeti Beard Oil is a beard oil that helps the consumer grow a beard using essentials that will allow you to grow a beard faster. This website has the list of ingredients used to create it.  “Ever wanted an kick-ass beard, but only grow peach fuzz.. Tried everything to grow a mantastic viking beard but nothing works, Well look no further Yeti Strong is the beard oil for you. Our product is guaranteed to have you walking around looking like a mythical beast in no time. Yeti strong uses high concentrated hair growing minerals that help enhance the growth of hair and also provides vitamins and nutrients that a healthy bread would need. Subscribe now to join Yeti strong beard oil and receive a monthly order of Yeti strong miracle growth and unleash your inner BEAST. ” The script should be able to answer the following questions: 1) Do they have a clear defined target market? 2) Do they have a clear problem/opportunity they are addressing? 3) Is it clear that this is a big problem/opportunity? 4) Does their solution bring value to the problem/opportunity? 5) Is there something special about how they are addressing the problem/opportunity? 6) Do they have a clear business model? 7) Do they have a clear understanding of the competition and where they fit? 8) Do they have a clear understanding of the objections and how to address ?


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