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To Prepare: Review the Final Project Rubric, located in the Course Information area, and consider the requirements needed for the Final Project Assignment. Select two psychological theories and consider how they relate to the topic you chose in Week 1 and Week 7. Final Project Write a 5- to 6-page paper (apart from the title page and references) that references at least four scholarly articles and includes at least two unique articles for each theory you selected. Your final project should include the following: A description of both theories you selected and why you think they are appropriate for the topic you chose from the list or that was pre-approved by your Instructor by the end of Week 5 A comparison of the theories related to the topic you chose An argument as to which theory provides a better understanding of the topic An explanation of how psychological research grounded in these two theories helped you better understand the characteristics of the topic An examination of cultural aspects that might contribute to that understanding See Final Project Overview in Week 10 Learning Resources for layout. Note: Support your statements with the scholarly sources you identified using both in-text citations and references. It is strongly recommended that you include proper APA format and citations.


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