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 There is more than one approach to decision making. Decisions will vary based on the individuals making them, all of whom may have different decision-making styles. By understanding your own decision-making style, you will have a more informed idea of how effective your decisions are currently and how you can make better decisions in the future. In this Discussion, you will determine whether your own decision-making style supports your current professional practice and future goals. Post a  explanation of whether or not the results of the self-assessment on decision-making styles relates to your professional life and goals. In your explanation, address the following: Do you agree with the outcome of the self-assessment? Why or why not? Do you feel that this style is most effective for your current professional practice and future goals? If so, how could you leverage the strengths of this style to make good decisions in your professional life? If you don’t feel this style is most effective for you, how might you change your approach to be more in line with your professional goals? As a manager, how might you use the outcome of this self-assessment to improve one thing about your work? To support your response, be sure to reference at least two properly cited scholarly sources and include specific examples from your own experience, where applicable.


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