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Description The e-Project This e-Project will consist of a compilation of resources that are found on the web and a structured written analysis of these resources. It will be in the form of a “Word” document. You are expected to compile web resources for use in your e-Project. The theme of the e-Project is , “The Centers for Disease Control (www.cdc.com): how one government agency interfaces with citizens to keep America informed and safe; an evaluation”. it should include the following sections : Introduction: Briefly tell the reader what your paper is about. the enabling legislation for your Agency from the Code of Federal Regulations and a description of the origin of the Agency 5 entries for your Agency in the Federal Register 5 current events involving your Agency 5 examples of the Agency’s own Publications Your Epilogue This is your analysis of the current events involving your agency, its recent activities as presented in the Federal Register, and the agencies own publications; and your assessment of how the agency is using the Web and the Internet. When analyzing these items, consider the questions posed in the thinking exercises: –The examples of current events you have visited are a small part of what is going on all around us. Think about how your agency is dealing with this. Is it “reactive”, “proactive”, confused, inaccurate, helpful, exhausted, impossible, effective? Is it all too much, are we just too complex a society for government to have any effect at all? –Think about the choice of links to its own publications that the Agency offers. Could there be more; are they restrictive; what is not there (and why isn’t it)?


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