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Choose an aspect of global media studies and communication that you would like to investigate in more depth, and then choose a case study subject (for example, an organization, a product, an event, a policy) that you can use as illustration for, and in support of, your discussion. In discussing the aspect of global media studies and communication that you have chosen, adopt a critical perspective that takes into account core course concepts. Your paper should reflect the approach outlined in your research proposal, and should provide a clear thesis about the central issues, concepts, and arguments in the readings. use source materials in substantive ways to challenge or support your ideas, or those of other writers; to establish patterns in various themes and claims that arise in your research; and to provide enough background information for clarity. Remember, paraphrases of original material are preferable to long passages of copy-and-pasted quotations, although carefully chosen passages may of course be quoted, as long as they are fully referenced. challenge or support your source material. apply issues and concepts from your sources relevant to your case study in such a way as to demonstrate your understanding of your research and of our course materials, and of their relevance to global communication on both international and local levels. First, provide an annotated bibliography Topic Statement: What will you research? Position and Thesis Statement: What argument will you present and support through your research? This may evolve in the process of your research and writing, but you should be familiar enough with your topic and research resources to be able to identify a central direction and plausible position on the topic. Case Study: What particular organization, product, event, policy, or other aspect of global communication will you present as illustration for, and in support of, your discussion? Annotated Bibliography: Provide a list of a minimum of eight scholarly or news sources that you plan to use as reference materials. For three to four of them, write a short paragraph of about 100 words describing the source, its relevance to your paper, and how you will use it. (For example: In a summary of literature? In support of a central argument? To explore contradictions in your main area of research?) 


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