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Course: Supply Chain Management Requirement: Literature Review for dissertation Topic: Lean Manufacturing Dissertation Title: “An investigation on whether Football teams can achieve a competitive advantage by adopting a lean philosophy as part of their existing structures” Description I am doing a dissertation for a Masters in Supply Chain Management. My dissertation relates to the concept of Lean Manufacturing. The title of the dissertation is as follows: “An investigation on whether Football teams can achieve a competitive advantage by adopting a lean philosophy as part of their existing structures” Basically, I am focusing on amateur football teams and the aim of the dissertation is an investigation to see whether or not the philosophies associated with lean could be used by managers and players in their team structures to enhance their chance of winning and creating a more prosperous environment for all concerned. Specific Requirements I require a literature review that identifies the major themes within the concept of lean e.g. Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping, Voice of the Customer, 5s, Nemawashi, Principles of Lean, Respect for people, Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA), DMAIC etc. Word Count: 3,000 words Tables & Figures: Please include a number of each in the Literature Review. Referencing: Harvard Referencing I have attached the bibliography that I will be using for the entire dissertation. Can you please use as a many references from this list as possible. I have also attached a number of journals that are essential and must be used in the literature review. Furthermore, I would like the following book used as an essential reference: The Machine that changed the World (Womack, Jones and Roos). Thereafter, feel free to include additional references as you deem necessary. Please include a Reference List at the end of the Literature Review. Structure The literature review is to be typed using double spacing, font is size 12 in Times New Roman. Writing Style: This is essential. Please ensure the style of writing is that of a native English speaker and not someone who speaks English as their second language. I have received essays before and it is clear the writer did not use English as their first language. A high level of writing is required for this Literature Review as it is for Masters Leve and anything less will be unacceptable. Furthermore, I am in the UK so please keep this in mind with regard to writing style. The Literature Review should read easy and have flow, linking one point to the next contain paragraphs and headings as required.


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