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Description Task 1: Literature Review Goal: To demonstrate your understanding of, and apply the research on, developing positive Mathematical mindsets for active and engaged learning in Mathematics. Product: This task requires you to conduct a review of the research and literature shaping the thinking and practices that build mathematical mindsets. This paper will combine the skills of researching, analysing, evaluating, synthesizing and documenting information to reflect on the effective learning and teaching of Mathematics and Numeracy in the learning areas. (Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Format: From the research and literature reviewed • • • Identify and critique the key ideas that are required for students to be successful learners in mathematics Analyse the practices/teaching ideas that foster engagement and build mathematical mindsets Identify challenges in building mathematical mindsets for your students and propose actions for how these can be addressed Submission Due: 26 August Selected Key References: The list below is indicative of some of the references required to respond to this task. A minimum of 6 references will be required. It will be necessary to reference recent research articles beyond the list provided: Boaler, J. (2016) Mathematical Mindsets. New York: Jossey Bass Sullivan, P. (2011) Australian Education Review: Teaching Mathematics Using Research Informed Strategies. Retrieved 1 March 2018, from https://research.acer.edu.au/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1022&context=aer Hattie, J Fisher, D & Frey, N. (2017). Visible Learning for Mathematics What works best to optimize student learning. California: Corwin. Anthony, G & Walshaw, M. (2009). Characteristics of Effective Teaching of Mathematics: A View from the West. Journal of Mathematics Education, 2(2), 147- 164. Retrieved 1 March, 2018, from https://www.researchgate. net/profile/Glenda_Anthony/publication/228743535_Characteristics_ of_Effective_Teaching_of_Mathematics_A_View_from_the_West/ links/53ed24720cf2981ada135a13.pdf


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