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Gallapagos by Kurt Vonnegut


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Summary of Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut In Chapter 7 of Book II, Leon tells his father, “But I’m learning so much about what life is really like, how it really works, what it’s really all about!” How does life really work? Is Natural Selection the only means possible for our ability to adapt and live? How does human kind evolve in the novel? Is adaptation something that humans even have to worry about? Was fitness a part of the book or did it have a role in the evolution of the characters in the book? Do humans operate outside the laws of Natural Selection? Why or why not? Where are humans headed in regards to evolution? Research and find two possible threats to humanity that will necessitate our need to evolve and if we can in our current situation (with luxurious houses, grocery stores, clothing), or if we need to be stripped down like those in the story…marooned on island, alone with nature for it to work. The paper must address these in a clear and coherent fashion, not as a simple list of one-sentence answers unrelated to each other. While this is something of an ‘opinion’ paper, and not a lab report or a paper detailing the results of a study, this is still a scientific paper, and your thoughts and ideas should be thoroughly explained and appropriately supported. You MUST add sources to justify your position, these may include the (text)books used in class. Please note, we never quote things directly in the sciences. We always paraphrase them and then provide the citation.


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